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  Sindo DNT Environment Preservation Award Text Size : (+) (-)
  Poster : 관리자     Date : 11-12-21 16:11     Hit : 33263       TRACKBACK

Sindo DNT Co. LTD. CEO Dong Hwan Oh has received a certificate from Korea Environmental Preservation Association regarding international green environment technology.

5 companies with the most contribution to the green technology development has been rewarded a certificate.  3 companies have received a certificate from the Minister of Environment and 2 companies have received it from the Minister of Korea Environmental Preservation Association. 

This certificate Sindo was granted was for excellent green environment technology  development and its contribution to the nation’s green environment development.

Commendation of Korea Environmental Preservation Association Certificate

The head of the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Kyung-sik Son has delivered the certificate himself.

We will work to be the best company that makes the environment and the world into a very clean place.  Thank you

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