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  Poster : 관리자     Date : 11-12-21 16:13     Hit : 33524       TRACKBACK
Sindo DNT Co. Ltd. Anti-stick color sheet and Anti-stick color paint has been selected by the Small and Medium Business Administration and University of Texas Innovation Program as an innovative enterprise to enter the U.S Market on September 2011.  On this program, UT was selecting 15 companies and Sindo DNT has been selected among the 224 companies that have participated in this program.  Despite the harsh screening criterion and the competition, Sindo has been selected.

On September 30, 2011, 6:00 PM, there was a certificate presentation ceremony by the Gyeongi-UT on the Small and Medium Business Administration.

The Governor of Gyeonggi-do Moon-Soo Kim has participated in the presentation ceremony himself and took a picture with us.

Sindo DNT Co. LTD. Gyeonggi-UT Innovation Program Certificate

University of Texas uses its networks in the US to evaluate the technology and the possibility of domestic commercialization from related companies.  Selected companies are given a chance to enter the U.S market along with the chance to work with the large companies related to the selected company.

We will work to be the best company that makes the environment and the world into a very clean place.  Thank you
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