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paint to prevent advertising attachments

1  warning of broken window theory Anti stick paintAnti stick paint

According to the “Broken Window Theory” proposed by James Wills, an American social psychologist, in 1982, a dirty urban environment causes a decline in moral standards among people, leading to misdemeanor crimes such as the unlawful disposal of waste and destruction of public structures. These crimes can, in turn, lead to serious crimes or a feeling of lawlessness cities.
Rudolph William Louis Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York who was elected in 1994, implemented this “Broken Window Theory” by imposing strict regulations to prevent and deter misdemeanor crimes, and ordered the prohibition of graffiti and the removal of graffiti to revamp the basic city landscape. He managed to lower the crime rate significantly as a result.

Permitting illegal ads and failing to remove them does not merely hurt the city landscape,
but also can reduce the feeling of safety within cities.

We need to be aware of this possibility!!

2  features of sheets to prevent illegal advertising attachments

Anti stick paint

  1. 1) Ads cannot be adhered to the surface at all. (Verified with official test)
  2. 2) The adherence prevention function is maintained semi-permanently. (Verified with official test)
  3. 3) Possible to produce by including desired design and image. (Optimal for the PR of policies and formation of theme based streets)
  4. 4) No risk of injury since the surface is flat.

3 manufacture of sheets to prevent illegal advertising attachments

Anti stick paint

4 differentiation of products of sindo dnt co., ltd

No other product can copy the functions even when they may copy the look!!
Outstanding function was verified by test conducted by official testing institution.

  • Accelerated weathering testing method based on UV source of light: a test that is even stricter than the testing method that uses the Xenon Arc light source that is similar to regular sunlight Test that evaluates weather proofing by setting up the conditions
  • UV source of light : Used for extreme tests since it has more powerful energy compared to the regular visible light as this causes skin cancer in humans and heats up plastic products.

Anti stick paint

High-technology reliability was proved by maintaining superior prevention of attachments
despite such a severe accelerated weathering test based on UV source of light.

5  product assured by public institution for its excellence and reliability only

  1. 1) First in the industry to earn the function certification issued by the Small and Medium Business Administration in October, 2009, conferred after evaluating product functions to certify superb functions
  2. 2) First in the industry to be designated as an outstanding product procured by the Public Procurement Service in June, 2010 after undergoing strict evaluation
  3. 3) Best product with proven function is the best method for improving street scape and for preventing budget waste.
  4. 4) Color paint to prevent advertising attachments was first approved as an excellent product by Public Procurement Service in June, 2010.

Anti stick paint

6  product construction case

Anti stick paint

Anti stick paint

Anti stick paint