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CEO, Oh Dong-Hwan

Sindo has just celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Our company always strives to clearly present the problems that customers face and also presents timely solutions by increasingly taking advantage of active and aggressive planning and design processes based on the know-how and technological capability for environment production that has been amassed over time.

The company was then incorporated as Sindo DNT Co., Ltd. Instead of becoming complacent, the company is trying its best to create refreshing and beautiful streets in cities by drawing on the design for city street environment. As Korea’s only certified advertising prevention medium, we are different from similar companies in that our company’s affiliated R&D Center’s specialized personnel are constantly making an effort to innovate and the creative and environment-friendly designs of the urban environment specialized visual design team members are of the highest caliber .

Thanks to our continual efforts and research initiatives, the company is gaining recognition from public institutions and government organizations in terms of product functionality and reliability. In addition to receiving certification for an outstanding product that was procured by the Public Procurement Service that is in charge of procuring products for the public sector in Korea, the company earned the Excellent Performance Certification (EPC) from the Small and Medium Business Administration that guarantees the product functionality of products such as sheets and paints to prevent attachments. The company is a proud venture company of Korea and it is gaining attention as an INNO-BIZ small and medium sized company that offers both technological capability and growth potential.

These efforts are getting recognized, not only in Korea, but also in different nations including Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, Brazil, Turkey, Israel and others. All the Sindo DNT Co., Ltd., employees will give their best until our prevention sheets and paints can become world-class brands based on the best technological capability and best quality. Thank you.

ceo, oh dong-hwan